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Morning In-Person Oral Presentations

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Topic Areas and Theme Abbreviations

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  • ACQ: Acquisition and Survey Design
  • ANI: Anisotropy
  • AVOSI: AVO and Seismic Inversion
  • BG: Borehole Geophysics
  • DAS: Distributed Acoustic Sensing
  • EMRS: EM Exploration and Reservoir Surveillance
  • FWI: Full Waveform Inversion
  • GF: Geophysicists for the Future
  • GM: Gravity and Magnetics
  • IS: Induced Seismicity
  • INT: Interpretation
  • MLDA: Machine Learning and Data Analytics: Theory and Special Applications
  • MG: Mining
  • MS: Multicomponent Seismic
  • MP: Multi-Physics Data Integration
  • NS: Near Surface
  • PS: Passive Seismic
  • RC: Reservoir Characterization
  • RP: Rock Physics