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Imaging Technologies and the Future

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 10:20 a.m.–12:00 p.m.  |  Denver, ColoradoMile High Room 1 - Colorado Convention Center

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Location: In-Person – Colorado Convention Center (Speakers presenting in-person and online)

This panel focuses on earth imaging technologies and the new applications for the future. Satellite and drone data is used for environmental preservation, hazards detection, and minerals exploration and development, all in new ways.


Susan Nash
Douglas Wyatt


Deborah Humphreville
Dan Taranik
Exploration Mapping
Nathan Campbell
Juniper Unmanne
Ron Bell
International Geophysical Services LLC

With more than 40 years of resource exploration and environmental geophysical experience, Ron began employing drones for magnetic surveys in 2017 using the prototype of the MagArrow made by Geometrics, Inc. During the past 5 years, he has completed over 50 commercial low and ultra-low altitude, high-definition UAV magnetic surveys for the exploration for mineral, hydrocarbon, and groundwater resources, detecting and delineating legacy oil and gas wells and pipelines, and wide area subsurface characterization for unexploded ordnance (UXO) and buried metallic objects. His current focus is on the application of drone enabled electromagnetic induction (EMI) systems to detect and delineate buried pipelines and gamma ray spectrometer for resource exploration and hazard mapping. He is the only living geoDRONEologist on planet Earth.

Dan Kahn

Dan is a Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AWS where he is responsible for driving digital transformation for companies within the energy verticals globally. He is the 2021 winner of the AWS “Shark Tank” Competition. After graduating from Brown University (2001) with a B.S. in Geology/Physics/Mathematics, Dan Kahn received his M.S. in Geophysics from Georgia Institute of Technology (2004) with a thesis, Concentration of Methane Hydrate: A Study of the Blake Ridge. He then earned a Ph.D. from Duke University (2008), working at the Krafla, Iceland geothermal station and the Basel Hot Dry Rock Project with a dissertation, Crack Propagation in Hydro‐Fractured Reservoirs: A Study Using Double‐Difference Location Techniques. Dan worked at Exxon as a Senior Geophysicist (2008‐2011), during which time he did structural and stratigraphic interpretation of the Austin Chalk Trend and was lead survey designer for the Ranridge and Papua New Guinea projects. He was an Exxon Gold Service Medallion recipient (2008). Dan joined ION Geophysical in 2011, where he specialized in the characterization of unconventional reservoirs through microseismic fracture imaging and analysis. He was co‐developer ION’s Java‐based microseismic tool kit, authoring 7 patents. Dan moved to Devon in 2015 where he was appointed to the core leadership group, charged with re‐designing Devon to implement real‐time, automated, full‐field reservoir characterization. He was responsible for overseeing data acquisition and analysis for the description of the dynamics of unconventional reservoirs, including microseismic, magnetotelluric, and time domain electromagnetics. Dan pioneered advances in the use of fiber optic techniques for characterizing the dynamics of hydro-fractured reservoirs and was named Devon’s Innovator of the Year. With this background, Dan co-founded and was COO of Reservoir Imaging Solutions, where partnerships and joint ventures were created with energy service companies to deliver a more efficient and cost-effective product for energy companies. Dan was also a USA Olympic Trials qualifier in the Marathon with the “A” standard.

Christian Haselwimmer
Lane Boyer

Lane is a Product Development Manager at Kayrros where he leads efforts to create and deliver satellite analytics and technology solutions with a focus on the energy industry. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Geology from the University of Arkansas (2011, 2013) as well as a M.S. in Data Science from Northwestern University (2019). Lane joined Southwestern Energy in 2013 as a Geoscientist and held a variety of roles in Petrophysics, Project Management, and Data Science with a focus on implementation and deployment of analytical solutions. In 2020 he joined Kayrros in Houston, TX bringing operations and technology experience to the Kayrros US Team and today is heavily engaged in new product development and customer engagements for all segments of the energy industry from upstream E&P Intelligence analytics to midstream risk management, asset monitoring, and ESG.


Imaging Technologies and the Future
Colorado Convention Center
700 14th St
Denver, Colorado 80202
United States

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